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Relationship Master Hellen Chen interview on 1070 WINA Newsradio

Relationship Master Hellen Chen was interviewd on 1070 WINA radio station. Helen shared her thoughts on marriage and money. According to her the biggest excuse for young people to not get married is the lack of money. It is important to find someone you want to marry not because of your money, but because of …

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Matchmaker Hellen Chen Talks Modern Day Dating on TalkRadioX

Matchmaker Hellen Chen and host Jiggy Jaguar talk about modern dating and what are the mistakes singles make today. According to Bestselling author Hellen, people today are spending too much time dating and at the end, they are taking care of someone else’s spouse.      

Relationship Expert Hellen Chen Featured in Consciousness Magazine

The Matchmaker of the Century: Hellen Chen Why are half of the marriages in the US ending in divorce? The marriage rate per 1000 in population is currently at 6.8 according to the Center for Disease Control; whereas the divorce rate per 1000 in population is 3.4. According to the National Center for Family and …

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National Smiles Week: Smile – even if it is hard to do so!

  The 2nd week of August is National Smile Week. The benefits of smiling have long been talked about as covering all facets of a person’s life from personal success to health. A 2010 Wayne State University research project titled “Smile Intensity in Photographs Predicts Longevity” examined the baseball cards photos of Major League players in …

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Mission matchmaker: Real-life ‘Hitch’ takes Dubai lovebirds to task over relationship mistakes.

World-renowned author of 20 books, Hellen Chen, spills the secrets on why divorce rates are on the rise in the UAE and the biggest blunders committed by single men and women By Bindu Suresh Rai ( ) Published Friday, May 31, 2013 As a kid once, perhaps my biggest unchecked joy was the ability …

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Happy Mother’s Day

A mother’s work is never done, She works from morning until dawn, she spreads her love and keeps you warm. Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! How to love your mom and how to help a child if you are a mother? Hellen gives advice on Fox News TV in New York!

Relationship Consultant Hellen Chen on 1620AM News Radio

Relationship Consultant Hellen Chen joins Branden Rather on 1620AM News Radio to discuss how to live our live without regrets. According to Hellen, money shouldn’t be our priority. Instead, finding a partner and having a successful marriage should be a goal we should work hard towards.   Hellen Chen Interview with Branden Rathermap :: {skin:’red’, …

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Raising a generation who believes entitlements are a way of life

Raising a generation who believes entitlements are a way of life A survey released last year called the American Freshman Survey, which has accumulated data for the past 47 years from 9 million young adults, revealed that college students are more likely than ever to call themselves gifted and having the drive to succeed, even …

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Helsinki Times Newspaper in Finland Interviews Relationship Expert Hellen Chen

During a trip to Helsinki, Finland, Hellen Chen sat down with reporter Banafsheh from Helsinki Times to discuss about why it takes more than just “falling in love” to make a relationship working. Excerpts from Helsinki Times: Couples should be educated about relationships Q: Finland has one of the highest divorce rates in Europe,what do you …

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Wife/girlfriend to man: “Does my ass look fat in this dress?” What is the perfect answer?

1380AM The fan2 Sports Station interviewed marriage expert Hellen Chen on what men or women should do to keep up the love in their relationships. Host Brian asked a classic question, “If your wife or girlfriend ask you, “Does my ass look fat in this dress?” What is the perfect answer?” Listen to Hellen’s answer …

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