Success Stories from All Walks of Life

Hellen Chen Matchmaker

Hellen Chen pronouncing newly wed for a new couple

“The key character who brought us together was Ms. Chen. Because of her, I was able to find my perfect love.” – JH

“I used to play video games behind doors, but now I enjoy playing the games of life with my wife outside the doors. This change was because of Ms. Chen.” – CH

“Because of this matchmaker, my life is complete with my better-half. I’m full of gratitude. This is the biggest miracle and the most special happiness in my life.” – Cecilia

_Small“Being happy with my wife and family is the sweetest feeling in the world.” – Justin

“It is because of the persistence of Matchmaker Chen, we can see the hope of marriage and taste its sweetness. Because of her, miracles occurred in my married life.” N. Chen

“I finally got married. Thank you, Ms. Chen, for helping me solved many difficult problems. You even personally help to remove obstacles for me.” – S. Chang

“When I had 1% intention and extended my hand for help, Ms. Chen made my wish come true with 99% effort. She really deserves the name of ‘the matchmaker of the century’.” – Sandy

“My wife and I are now more in love, have more trust in each other. I no longer envy the prince and the princess, as we are now happier than them!” – M. Chen

“I’m indebted to the super matchmaker who has found a wife for me. She gave me unimaginable happiness and an exciting future filled with endless possibilities.” – J. Wang

“I liked the fact that Hellen believes you have to jump into things with both feet. In order to be married, you need to just DO and CREATE it” – SE

691717_14326119“In Hellen’s workshop, I learned how I could affect another person positively or negatively just by my expression alone. I learned that if I am always uncertain, I will drive others crazy!” – AH

“I like Hellen’s way of teaching. She uses examples which I could understand. I now understand how I had not put energy into relationships. I need to change my priorities, and also learn how to love myself first and then find someone who can love me.” – HW

“I see that my ‘monitor’ system is totally turned off! So I cannot even sense the major departures in a relationship until it is too late. Thanks for this great seminar! I can see the possibility to improve myself to have a good marriage!” – YC

“Today is the first time I realize how I would like others to treat me, and at the same time, I realized I cannot even treat others the same way. The most important thing is how I give, not what I get, and that will put me also more in control and the result will be what I like! This is a great seminar! Indeed, I learned a lot!” – AH

“Today’s seminar totally changed my viewpoint about marriage. There are so many things one could create in a relationship. I have been married for 23 years, and because of what I learned today, I know I can enjoy romance with my husband for the rest of my life!” – MH