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Hellen Chen - Love You Forever MovementThe “Love You Forever” campaign is to help men and women attain success in marriages and to preserve families and marital relationships in the US and in all parts of the world.

The Family Unit is the basic building block of society. The first step of creating a family is through marriage.

However, due to the widespread occurrences of divorces that we often hear about in the news or have witnessed from other relationships,  separation and individuation become the normal and acceptable consequence.

Lovers could not come together in the end and there are more broken families that did not make it.

Adding on to this is the current economic downturn. When day-to-day living becomes a burden, couples and families fall apart under the crushing pressure.

Matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen has traveled to many countries, delivering over a thousand lectures and enlightening hundreds of thousands of men and women through her workshops, media interviews and books.

The “Love You Forever” campaign is geared towards helping single men and women and also married couples to find and create that relationship that could last. 

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