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Powerful lessons about love — Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar Completion on March 8

Our 6th US Love Seminar completed on a high note on March 8 – International Women’s Day. It was a fun and deep seminar as Hellen goes into the misconceptions and false conditions men and women have towards a marital partner. As one attendee has commented, “These conditions made a person less able to love.” …

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The most valuable skill in this world is communication

How we present our words will mean a huge difference in the results! For a business, the correct words (communication) in great volume will mean more customers whereas indifferent communication will mean the competitors getting more business. How are you communicating with your loved ones around you – including your spouse, children and parents or …

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Do you want a good husband or a playboy?

Those people who put looks as the top criteria in their search for a marriage partner often have a serious misconception about marriage. If marriage is the goal, then finding someone who has a similar goal to get married is, of course, the utmost importance. But those members of the “Looks is Everything” club have …

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Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar: To Love or Be Loved is an Ability

Why do some married couples break up easily? Why do some singles have a hard time finding the “right” person? Hellen shares some answers at the Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar event     If you have been searching for answers to: How to have a lasting and happy marriage? How to find the person who …

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New Documentary: My Father, My Mother

Combating the soaring divorce rates in Taiwan, successful marriage consultant Hellen Chen faces the toughest relationship challenge of her life – fixing her parents’ marital problems that have been going on ever since Chen was born. Here is a humorous documentary of a couple who has never stopped arguing for the last 60 years. And …

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The Oriental Pearl that Never Grows Old in My Heart

香港,久違了 Hello, Hong Kong! It’s been a while! 年輕時,我看著你 In my youth, I looked at you. 目不轉睛 Captivated by 你的炫麗,榮華富貴 your radiance, your richness. 好一個購物天堂 What a shopping heaven! 如今,我長大了 Now, in my adulthood, 你依然屹立不搖 you still stand strong, 高姿態地站著 standing there with high altitude. 不斷的建設 Non-stop constructing, 擴展 expanding, 改變 changing, 突破 breaking limitations. …

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A Passionate Matchmaker Helps Mother and Daughter to Find Love

Last weekend in Taiwan, Hellen helped two young couples to tie the knot in the same day. One of the two brides is a young lady called Eva. Her story is a unique one. Hellen has known Eva since she was 4 years old. At that time Eva’s mom was going through a bad divorce …

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An Unforgettable Dubai Tour

Dubai Is like a mystery lady with a veil Let one be filled with admiration, curiosity and imagination. Breath-taking skyscrapers and unique architecture. Magnificent green sea and white sand; luxurious decorations. A bustling city that never sleeps; an abundance of exquisite stores. The airport’s lively sea of people, let one forget about all worries and …

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Happy Mother’s Day

A mother’s work is never done, She works from morning until dawn, she spreads her love and keeps you warm. Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! How to love your mom and how to help a child if you are a mother? Hellen gives advice on Fox News TV in New York!

Family expert Hellen Chen: How to NOT Dislike Your Mother?

(Above: Family expert Hellen Chen addressing the topic of how to love your parents/spouse despite of who they are.) As Mother’s Day comes closer, some children and mothers may feel the dread of this day – as their experience of it has had been awkward and stressful. Mother’s Day is traditionally a day to celebrate …

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