The Matchmaker of the Century

Matchmaker of the Century

Barnes and Noble best-selling book in 6 categories:

#1 Bestseller in Marriage
#1 Bestseller in Relationship
#1 Bestseller in Love & Romance
#1 Bestseller in Divorce
#1 Bestseller in Self-Help (Paperback)
#1 Bestseller in Parenting & Family


  • Do you believe that you can have a perfect marriage?
  • What kind of happiness do you want?
  • Who are you looking for to be your lifelong partner?
  • Whose hand will you hold in your hand?

In the US, according to statistics, 50% of marriages end up in divorce.

Despite advancement in technology and science, the subject of marriage and love seems to be as confusing as ever. News of affairs, divorces, separations fill up magazine and tabloids front pages. Families break apart and marriage becomes a ‘disposable’ item like the plastic utensils one throws away after use.

Hellen Chen’s “The Matchmaker of the Century” takes on the subject of marriage in a tough modern world.

Having had her own journey of transformation, she now counsels men and women on how to gear themselves up for marriages in current society and make it last.

She takes on men and women who have given up on relationships, lost faith in marriages and skeptical about love and brings them together on a fascinating journey of change.

You will learn about why dating actually comes AFTER marriage, not before.

Real-life couples featured in the book were interviewed and filmed in a full length documentary “Let’s Fall in Love” by an award-winning director. This documentary was shown in international film festivals around the world and garnered critical reviews.

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Readers Feedback

I am enjoying Hellen’s book immensely. Lots of people have written lots of words on this subject. What sets this book apart is the fact that what Hellen lays out here is not just theory, but hard won practical and usable truths about marriage. She communicates what she has found with a lot of certainty and also with a lot of compassion for the things that people need to overcome in order to create a happy marriage. She disabuses people of defeatist ideas that have caused them to abandon the idea of even trying to create a happy marriage. And for those who have a happy marriage, she shows how that can be even better.

Hellen’s fearless attitude and optimism concerning the ability of people to create happy marriages encourages them to overcome their own fears and past losses, and puts them on a path to a much happier life than the one they would have had as a single person.

Hellen’s book is very valuable and well-worth the read.

Trey Lotz


I was surprised that I’d find this book as interesting as I did. I actually read it through the first day I got it. I found it fascinating with its positive view on marriage and relationships. Seeing relationships from a viewpoint of Chinese culture made it even more interesting, yet the truth of the human condition was universal. I got some great insights into my fixed views past and present that were blocking my true expression of what I wanted in a relationship. I realized, even at my age, romance and a soul mate on same goal lines would be a lovely experience. So, many of the stories with their all too familiar human emotions were enlightening.

Do read it.. Enjoy,