Los Angeles Love Seminar a Huge Success!

Hellen Chen’s Love Workshop in Los Angeles completed successfully on July 20. In this seminar, we learned about what men really want to hear from women and what women really like to hear from men. Hellen talked about how to keep the love alive forever in a marriage.

Here are some amazing feedback from the participants:

  • “I learn how to be independent in a marriage and now know how to enjoy ‘problems.’ That’s a continuing ongoing energy and creation. Such a wonderful seminar! It helps me so much!” – Ging L
  • “What I liked about today’s seminar is that what Hellen said was the concrete truth. It was not fake. Hellen spoke what she really believed and it works!” – Michael S
  • “I realized that I spent many years trying to solve everyone’s problems around me that I was too busy to be loved or to love.”Nick B
  • “What I like most about today’s seminar is knowing what men and women want in their relationship. I now have an idea about where I can do better in my marriage.First of all, I have to take good care of myself, be healthy, pretty and arrange my life well. Be happy. And also have more ability to handle money, life and family. Thus there will only be good things between myself and my husband, there is only love.

    I now really understand why don’t date before marriage. Dating could create a lot of things that aren’t real and thus create the wrong image of love and romance and yet after marriage, you don’t do the same things. But marriage is for the whole life, if there is nothing good or if there is no love in it or don’t create love, how could people stand it?

    I am glad that Consultant Chen helped and taught me how to do – thus I am not broken-hearted and have a happy marriage now. Thank you!” –  Tiffany H


Los Angeles Love Seminar