May 4th Los Angeles Love Workshop

Hellen surprises her students with a new topic at the workshop. Each workshop is uniquely different as Hellen never covers any topic twice.

Hellen surprises her students with a new topic at the workshop. Each workshop is uniquely different as Hellen never covers any topic twice.


May 4th Love Workshop was successfully completed in Los Angeles! Can a person fall in love forever? Can a person experience deeper and deeper love regardless of age? Hellen tells you the secret of everlasting love! 🙂

After today’s workshop, I can love another deeply without worries and without holding back! I am surprised to find that to attract another in the relationship and have a satisfying marriage, I need to work hard on improving and becoming a happier person myself first! I know my marriage will be a happy one! — Wes L

[Thanks to the matchmaker Hellen, Wes’ wedding date is set for June 23rd. He will be married to his lovely bride Eva.]

It is too tiresome to think of what I should do to attract another person. Just continue to improve myself and I will feel more comfortable, more self-confidence and become better in relationships. — Frank C

Hellen’s real life examples of how some couples make it through extreme hardship and still stay together touch me very much! I found that I have not really loved my husband. This seminar gives me a different direction to focus on – to create a relationship that is not about arguing who is right or wrong but a relationship truly of love. — Yetta S

This workshop is BRAVO! I know now how I should improve my relationship with others. Love is based on creation. Creation also means self-improvement. I take away a lot today – this workshop really impresses me! 🙂 — Alex W

I have so much gains today! I learn that creating love is not only about doing what another person like. It is also about loving and liking myself, and never get stuck in upsets or being affected by failures. I have taken Hellen’s class before and I can attest today that because of Hellen, my marriage has improved tremendously and still improving after all these years! — Shirley L

Hellen’s description of what is love helps me rekindle the feeling of love – the feeling of utterly falling in love and being crazy about the other person! Another issue is on finance. I was worried about money problems with my wife. Now I know my focus should be on the creation of a happier marriage for both of us and at the same time work on improving myself in life – money comes not from worries bvt from my improvement! — Simon C

I always have had anxiety in a relationship to the point that I am always trying to “do” something to make another person feel loved. But today I learn the best position to give love is I become comfortable first and be happy. Thanks for this wonderful workshop! I can use this information to create and experience a deeper happiness level – forever.— Hong C

This is such a powerful workshop! It changes many of my viewpoints on relationships. I learn that I will never know what is too much or too little in the area of caring for another person unless I give it fully and learn as I go! Thanks Hellen, this workshop has helped me a lot!! – Angela H


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Hellen has started an international Love You Forever campaign, to encourage working professionals to learn about how to create a lasting relationships. Having already helped over 100 singles to tie the knot, she hopes to personally help another 60 singles this year to step onto the red carpet.

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